3 Top-Rated Beaches in Phuket

People looking to escape their daily stresses will find the best options in Phuket, one of the most attractive islands in Thailand. When you want to dive deeper into the various features of the nightlife and natural offerings, the beaches are the best option. Adventures and tourist attractions in Phuket are spread a wide area to engross you completely right into the moment and the exciting features. The beaches on this island also offer a wide variety of delicious foods.

You are being blessed with your dream beach destination at Phuket on the luxurious sugar-white sand and the pristine jade waters. Over 30 beaches cover the coasts of this beautiful island, offering you enough options for the night’s entertainment. You are most likely to have the best experience during winter, which runs through November to March. If you are planning a visit to Phuket, here are some of the best beaches you can visit.

3 Top-Rated Beaches in Phuket

1. Freedom Beach

A ride in the long-tail boats that wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes will get you to the sweet destination, which boasts tranquility and high-quality entertainment. Freedom Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Phuket, and it has remained a hidden masterpiece for all these years. The picturesque locations are untouched for their beauty, offering us a throwback to the way Thailand was before tourism made it a bustling town teeming with people from all parts of the world. You can head to the northern side of the beach if you are looking for an adventure climb by the shore. This stroll offers you rewards like the incredible panoramic view of the jade-hued water and the reefs. One ‘n’ Only is an aptly named restaurant at the south end of the beach.

2. Kata

Kata Noi and Kata Yai are the favorite Phuket beaches of families, and they are beautiful and calm enough to provide you with an incredible escape into nature’s blue nest. Picturesque views of the small island are available from the vantage points by the beach. If you are visiting this beach, make sure you do so during sunset. The sandy bay of Kata Yai is a safe spot for swimming and body surfing. You can also enjoy a massage on the beach, while the shores also take you to the depths with the snorkeling facilities.

3. Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane is another hidden nirvana that can be reached by a walk or ride through the Nai Harn Beach. True peace and sounds of the waves can be enjoyed at this beach, which is the rockiest on the island. The incessant whining of Jet Skis or hawkers is less likely to hamper your experience at this shore. Since the sand is quite rough and there are plenty of rocks, Ao Sane is not an ideal beach for volleyball. Make sure you carry everything you want because the beach has no stores to purchase or rent things from.

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