Phuket Big Buddha

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What to Do at Phuket Big Buddha?

Experience the best of Phuket with us. The Phuket Bid Buddha, or the Great Buddha of Phuket, is a statue of the Maravija Buddha. The construction began in 2004, and the project, including the base, was completed in 2018. You can also find the details of tickets and activities offered by the authority in our tour guide.

Top ways to experience Big Buddha Phuket

Tours & Sightseeing

Find the best tour packages to visit the Phuket Buddha and other main attractions of the city.

Walking & Biking Tours

Explore the Phuket Buddha park on foot or take a bike tour with bikes available for rent.

Transfers & Ground Transport

Take a bus tour around the city, exploring the best attractions, shopping districts, and restaurants.

See the 150-foot tall Big Buddha made of marble

The marvelous statue of the Great Buddha of Phuket is made in the memory of Maravija Buddha. The official name of the statue is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakiri, or Ming Mongkol Buddha. The site overlooks the beautiful city of Phuket, providing a meditative environment for all tourists.

Photos of Big Buddha Phuket

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